I have completed last weeks to do list and found that when I have a list to complete I actually sit down and do it! The sleeves of Erin’s cardi have grown and I only have 4 inches to go til I shape the raglan sleeve, Anastasia socks are getting closer to turning the heel on them both (about 4cm of the second sock to go) and I am almost finished Clue 2 for MS3.

Erin’s Cardi Sleeves

Anastasia socks


So, this week’s list is going to be similar to last week’s. I think that I am going to keep working on these 3 projects until they are finished and add in a new one each time one is completed… this must be how knitters who actually have lists of finished objects must knit!

List for the week:


 1.  Erin’s Cardi Sleeves – 2 inches

2.  Anastasia Sock 2 – 4 cm

3.  MS3 – 35 rows (may even stretch it to finish Clue 3 which means about 65 rows)