Wow, time is really going quickly at the moment.  Sophie and Sam are developing at amazing rates, the weather is warming up and the plants are growing.  The business is slowly taking off creating more work (which is a GOOD thing) and there is a little knitting happening but no finished objects.  There is not a lot of time to check emails or surf the net but really, who wants to be sitting around doing that all the time anyway?  Time is divided between sewing bags, playing with Sophie and Sam, cooking for us all, a very little bit of cleaning, visiting people or having visitors and, when all of that is done, a very little bit of knitting.  Life is full and life is beautiful!

This weeks knitting :to do” list is going to be the same as last weeks – well virtually the same:

1. 2 inches Erin’s cardi sleeves (by the way, I miss calculated last week and there were 7 inches to go before the raglan sleeve shaping so I’ll be knitting these for a while yet…)

2.  35 rows MS3 (these 35 rows will finish off Clue 3 – yay – Clue 6 is out…)

3.  Turn the heel of one of the Anastasia Socks (I have knit about 12cm on sock 2 over the past week and have to keep pulling it out as I keep getting the pattern incorrect – sleep deprived knitting, that’s a bit unfair to write as Sam has been sleeping 9-12 hours without waking some nights but it’s the accumulation of sleep deprivation….)

As I am off the the football (Aussie rules) today – wow, a baby free afternoon with no chance of seeing them, lots of expressed breast milk in the fridge and freezer and lots of nerves on my part – I may do a little bit of knitting on Pete’s Scarf (against my self imposed 3 WIPs rule but I don’t think I could handle any of my WIPs at the footy…).

No photos today as the are all pretty similar to last Sunday!

Have a great week!