I forgot to blog about my dyeing adventure last week.  I call it an adventure as I really had no idea what I was doing – what quantities of dye to use or anything like that.  The first bit of yarn I had been  spinning for Sarah’s birthday gift had been lying around in my spinning basket and Sophie pulled it out one morning I was sewing Fregie Sacks so I thought I should do something with it before it became  tangled and ruined.

I bought some Landscape Dyes a while ago and dug out the Apollo Bay colour – a lovely rich darker blue – for the main part of the mitts.  I am not sure that I have enough of this colour for the mitts so it may end up being the contrast colour.  Originally I have divided up two lots of 50g and started spinning but, as it has been so long since I started, I wasn’t sure where I was up to…. we’ll see.


1. I soaked the yarn in warm water for about 30 minutes – this yarn is some kind of wool top, it is very soft and needs a bit of spinning to get it to stay together (there must be a technical term for all this but I don’t know it).  I plied two singles of the wool with one of silk cap – I intend on leaving the silk cap out of the second colour.

2.  I mixed a randomly selected teaspoon of dye to warm water and dissolved it. (The bottle said 100g would dye 1kg of fleece – I don’t have scales that could measure what I had very accurately so I just played around with the dye – very unprofessional)

3.  I boiled the wool for 40 minutes (at this point the liquid was almost clear so I guess I could have added a bit more dye to saturate the yarn).


4.  I hung the wool to dry and it appears to be a balanced yarn!  Forgot to take photos of this stage…oops..  The colour is a bit uneven and the silk appears to have rejected the dye even though it is a dye for silk and wool…hmm, I think I need more practice but I do like the result!