Next Step in Spinning starts on Sunday and I am feeling pretty motivated towards my spinning at the moment.  All knitting, except MS3 which is now 1/2 way through clue 4, has been put on hold and I am busy spinning up the remaining fiber for my “Spinning with a vision” project to free up some bobbins.

For each class we have to have the obvious things like our wheel, niddy noddy, lazy kate and 3 bobbins, then each week there are extra things.  This week I need to take oil and cleaning cloth (I guess we will be learning how to really look after our wheels), fully scoured and greasy fleece and combs and a flicker.  I don’t have any combs so I am going to have to borrow them from the Guild, I bought a flicker with my wheel so that’s sorted.

I have thought about the greasy and scoured fiber and have decided to break out one of the fleeces that Auntie Claire gave me.  I was going to pull one of the fleeces out of the shed today, halve it and prepare it for the class but, blissful sigh, the skies are gray and there is a tiny bit of rain around so I think I might wait til tomorrow.

In the meantime I will be spinning my little heart out trying to get the singles plied and off my bobbins – who knows, I may even get Sarah’s gloves knitted by Christmas!!