Yesterday I spent the day preparing about 300g of raw fleece for my spinning group. I say “about” 300g as I do not have scales accurate enough to weigh the fleece so it’s kind of a cross between kitchen scales and guess work. I have put the same amount aside for my non-scoured sample and I haven’t even made a dint in the fleece – wow! It has been a great experience scouring the fleece and it has come up amazingly white and fluffy.

I began by reading the notes that Carmel gave us in the Beginning Spinning course last year and then borrowing some Morning Fresh from my neighbour (apparently this has a good pH for cleaning wool). I filled the laundry sink with warm/hot water, added the Morning Fresh and then gently dunked the wool under.


300g unprocessed wool ready to go!




Sink full of warm/hot water and Morning Fresh

I left the wool to soak for a couple of hours and the amount of dirt that came out of it amazed me. I knew it was dirty but it’s astonishing to see just how much a fleece (well a part of it anyway) can hold!

Soaking in Morning Fresh

After it’s Morning Fresh bath I soaked it in hot water and wool wash for about 1-2 hours, then it was stuffed into a Fregie Sack and thrown into the front loader on a spin cycle. Once it was spun I spread it out on a towel over the air vent in the bathroom to dry…


 Drying over the vent

Ready for class…

It still needs a bit of the vegetable matter (all grass) removed when I flick it but it is all ready to go to class on Sunday!