We are a very lucky family and other people’s generosity never ceases to amaze me!  A few weeks ago my new friend (I say new as I met her this year at SnB) Tina and I were talking about how I want to make Sophie a few cotton dresses for this summer.  I am hoping the toilet training thing will happen as she is showing some interest and I figure that cotton dresses will wash and dry quickly when she has “accidents”.  I really want to learn how to do smocking and Tina, being the sewing /knitting/craft guru that she is, offered to help.

At SnB last week she produced a bag full of smocking books for me to borrow and a small piece of cloth ready for some stitching (still haven’t had a go yet due to a very busy week involving a case of gastro 😦 ).  The bag was pretty full and along with the books she produced the most beautiful dress! It is so lovely and I feel so lucky – I wanted to race home and wake Sophie just to put it on her but I resisted.  The next morning when she woke I showed it to her and she really wanted to put it on.  Being a tad cool we put on stockings and a long sleeved top underneath, she looked so cute!  I think she really felt like a princess – dresses are so much more fun to dance in than pants – and she ran around flouncing her dress.  Of course she wouldn’t stay still for a photo but I caught a few on the go:


Sophie in Tina’s Dress

Also in the bag was an assortment of cloth nappy things that Tina has been busy producing – a PooPoacket and various boosters – lucky Sam and lucky Mummy getting to sample Tina’s skills!  We LOVE the Poopocket, it keeps the mess in, absorbs quite a bit and the knitted covers fit like a charm over them!  Love them!


Sam in Tina’s PooPocket


I really like the fact that I can use a snappy on them, I like the way they look and I like the way Sam feels when he is wearing them – still feels like a cloth nappied baby but without too much bulk.  In my book, these are a winner for day wear!


So, a massive thanks to Tina for all her assistance, kindness, friendship and use of us as testers!