Ok, I know that I have been working on MS3 for a while now, it’s a project that really should have been completed several weeks ago but there has been knitting and frogging, knitting and finding knitting on the floor with no needles in site (gasp, horror, tears and resignation), knitting and accidentally pulling the needle out while showing it off and languishing in the corner while I build up the courage to recommence. The day has come, the dawning of realisation that I want to wear this stole to a wedding in 19 days time – yep, 19 days!

Plan, knit 10 rows a day for the next 19 days, block it on the morning of the wedding (we’ll be in the North East so it will dry very quickly) and wear it to the evening wedding. I know, I know, it’s a fallible plan. 10 rows a day doesn’t seem like much but it’s lace…..did you get that, it’s lace. Now lace is not that big a deal but the pattern rows do require a little concentration and I have two demanding lovely imps cherubs who desire their mummy’s love and attention. Two cherubs that keep me so busy that by the time the sun goes down I’m asleep on my feet and not all that good a concentrating on black lace knitting. I’m not complaining, I’m making excuses in advance!

So, if you know me and live nearby come and visit and have cups of tea and entertain the kids while I knit a row or two!

By the way,  I seem to be having trouble with my blog entries lately where I write a post and publish it and only the first line or two appears….anyone else ever have this problem?