I have tried to write this post so many times and, due to technical difficulty with my blog, it never seems to make it to publishing (or when it does it’s only 1/2 their and I have to delete it!).

This is Sam’s Quilt:

Isn’t it delicious!  Our very good friend, practically family, Tan made it for Sam and it’s full of love and warmth and yummy food, it’s a garden theme.  So far it seems to ring true to Sam – he loves to be outside, he loves our chooks and he love to eat vegies.  It is such an amazing piece of work, you can see the carrot material used for backing in second picture, the edging is radishes and beans/pea pods, the front has squares of bees, eggs, stars, roosters and mixed vegies such as pumpkins, ears of corn and tomatoes.  I know that this will be, and already is, a treasured possession – a wonderful “I Spy” quilt!

Thank you very much Tan, we love you!!!!