Wow, I think I may have the best husband in the world!  Sorry to all of you other married women out there but he really is special, having said that I am sure that what I find amazing in him is largely about who we are as individuals and as a couple so everyone thinks/knows that their partner is the most special person in the world.

We shared an anniversary during the past week and Pete took me out to celebrate it in a very special way.  On the actual day of our anniversary we had champagne and a picnic – left over BBQ from the previous evening – in our backyard with the kids (obviously they didn’t drink any champagne 🙂 ) So, last night we went out to celebrate without the kids.  Did you read that?  Without the kids!  That is the first time that we have left them both with someone else for a WHOLE night and it was BLISS!  They went to stay with Fran & Claude, where they have both stayed before but on separate occasions.

So, last night I was told to dress nicely (bit of a joke with us as I like to get around in Blundstones almost all the time and “dress nicely” usually indicates a skirt and nicer shoes…) and be ready for pick-up at 645pm.  We dropped off the kids and I soaked in the bath – no crying, no nappies to change or little bellies to fill – and relished the calm.  Taxi came and we were off to the most delicious meal I have had in ages.  Pete had arranged for us to have dinner at The Commoner in Fitzroy.  The fact that he has had this arranged for weeks was amazing in itself (I am quite disorganized) but, even more exciting, it’s where our friend Joel works.

Joel and his colleagues are such a good chefs, the atmosphere was fabulous, the wine lovely (although I did over indulge in that aspect), the staff very friendly and helpful and the food….oh the food!  We did the “Feed Me” thing and it was just perfect – we ate dishes that we would never have ordered otherwise, it was light, tasty, and immensely satisfying.  Desert was Spanish Doughnuts with  chocolate sauce – how did they know that doughnuts are my  favourite?  It was perfect.  After The Commoner, we went to Polly on Brunswick Street where we had a beer and heard that we now have a Labour government.

One of the best things was the kid free morning, I made a cooked breakfast of home grown eggs, bacon, asparagus and Sime-a-chinos.  It was great to pick them up though – I really did miss them…

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