How many and what sort of Works in Progress (WIPs) do you have?  I have decided that, due to my lack of concentration and stamina for a single project, I should always have the following types of project on the go:

1. A lace project – usually an epic for me as I am slow at it which may be due to my lack of concentration with 2 under 2.

2. A project for the kids – I mean an article of clothing here: jumpers, nappy covers, pilchers, onesies

3. An adult jumper – usually spans over 12 months

4. A pair of socks

5. A scarf

6. A dish cloth – quitc, easy, delves into different stitch patterns through the KAL

7.  Something for me – anything at all including Summer tops, gloves, scarves, wraps etc.

Further to this list, I would like to attempt to spin yarn for my projects while reducing my current stash of yarn that was mostly handed down from my Mother.

I really enjoy spinning and, as I do more of it, I am going to get better and better at it.  I feel that by attempting to spin my yarn I am reducing my impact on the Earth, a theme that is becoming stronger and stronger in my life – through reducing reliance on fossil fuels, reduing kilometres for processing and on-selling and then on to the consumer and through processing the fibres within my home and being able to control the chemicals used.  Of course, I wont stick to this exclusively or I’ll never get another project finished and I will certainly be behind the “fashion” but then I usually am :).