I have been knitting for many years now but I was sitting on the floor with Sam knitting up the sleeves for Erin’s Cardi thinking, “what is the correct way to decrease the raglan sleeves?”.   It astounds me that I don’t really know but, when I think about it, I am not really all that familiar with garment construction finding it very difficult to put the visions in my mind to paper and yarn.  Can you do classes in that sort of thing?

I have been able to knit for as long as I can remember but probably started “seriously” knitting about 13 years ago (to much teasing from friends, acquaintances and family).  In that time I have knitted several jumpers of varying size and style but generally from Mum’s old knitting books.  The styles and yarns available these days are so much more flattering and “trendy” not to mention often much easier to care for and knitting is such a popular recreational pursuit.

So, back to my question, how do you decrease for raglan sleeves?  The pattern says “decrease one stitch at each end of very alternate row” so do you just knit 2 together or do you knit 2 then slip the first stitch over or do you slip one knit one pass slipped stitch over?  I have just been knitting 2 together but is there a better way and, if yes, why is it better?  I’ll push on with the way I have been doing it as I only have about 50 rows to go….
I am setting myself a goal over the next 12 months to design myself a garment – not a scarf, hehehe – that requires me to learn about garment construction….hmmm…any advice?