Yes, I have cast on and I feel very smug… I am finally knitting for charity!  I am knitting this pattern which many people seem to have knit before – with 398,000 woollens knitted and sent overseas I think a few people have done it!

My plan for charity knitting is to use up “stash” that I don’t think I’d use otherwise (sorry recipients, you deserve the best, not the left overs), if a yarn doesn’t knit up very well I’ll turn it into blanket strips.  I am going to try and knit 12 of these a year to start, if I get through that I’ll be pretty happy and look at increasing my output and varying it!

I was worried that my jumper is turning out too big but on reading the site they need bigger ones anyway – I am not sure of the ply/weight I am knitting with as it is part of the gifted stash rejects from Trudi.  It is actually looking very nice knitted up but I am not sure that it is soft enough for a little one to wear…hopefully it will soften with washing…

Knitting for Charity

It shouldn’t be surprising but when you look around there are many different causes to knit for!