I’m not really sure I can call it progress on Henley Perfected but it certainly is progress towards Henley Perfected!  Yesterday I combed out some of my Alpaca that I washed the other day…. let me firstly say that it needs more washing, I think I washed too large a batch at once but I am not too worried as it is mostly clean and I think it will wash up ok after it is spun.

I went into the Guild and bought 200g of mulberry silk – it is so lovely and white and “silky” for want of a better word – and was asked by a few people what I was up to.  They all seem so interested and it makes me feel great about my passion even though I don’t really feel like I am getting very far.  It was meeting day yesterday and the place was swarming with like minded people – it felt so alive and exiting and I made a silent pledge to myself that I will attend a meeting soon, they have an activity in the morning and then the meeting in the afternoon but people seem to mill around from 10am onwards.  It will have to be a Daddy day when I go…

Today the Beginner Spinning group are coming over for a session and Nat is going to bring along her new drum carder so we can play around with the alpaca and silk… I will post some pictures later in the week… I don’t think I’ll get more than 100g of batts made as I have only combed out about 42g of alpaca…I may get more done but I don’t think so…  next week I am meeting with the Next Step Spinning group, also with Nat, so I am going to try and have another 50g combed up for then to card together….I guess all this just shows that Henley Perfected is a long way off!