Our Beginner Spinning group got together yesterday for a great afternoon. Nat was a gem and brought her new drum carder which I hogged all afternoon, Trudi brought her loom, Valree and Danielle brought their wheels and Helen came armed with knitting, crochet and Christmas gifts.

Trudi made a hand towel, just like that, she got out her loom, wired it up and off she went – it was awesome! Nat was spinning fairy floss and Danielle was whipping up a silken storm that is soon to become hand spun, hand knitted fish-net stockings (can’t wait to see them – she’ll have to do a guest post here to show them off!).

Nat’s spinning is so fine and even….I wish!

I spent my whole afternoon making up roving for Henley Perfected (you’ll get sick of reading those words by the time it is finished) and it was a most satisfying experience. I think I managed to blend about 100g of fibre so I am off to a good start.

Drum carding silk and alpaca


Christmas Spirit!

And then there was a very thoughtful Christmas gift for each of us from Helen that can be purchased here:

Thank you Helen, I hope I do it justice – maybe I’ll have to come for some classes… And, thank you everyone for a lovely afternoon!