My cat has gone to hospital :(.  I only got him back about 2 weeks ago – he has been living with my Dad for about 5 years and since he s about 7 that probably makes him Dad’s cat – and he is big and lush and fluffy and loves the kids.  Sophie can practically lie on him and he takes it all in his stride but yesterday he wouldn’t come.  I called him and called him – not like him at all.  When he arrived here he just walked in like he’d always lived here – loves the company I think.  He arrived at about 1pm with his beautiful bushy tail (one of his best features) hanging limply behind him and crying occasionally.  I went to pick him up and he growled so I called by friend Al who knows about these things and she went us off to Lort Smith with thoughts of tail amputation in my mind.  Good advice on all accounts – the wait was long (about 2 hours which is standard there) and the kids were grumpy and tired and hungry (lovely husband came and picked them up on his way home from work) and I was hungry and tired and upset – he had to stay in, he was in so much pain, they were going to give him some pain relief and then, if he can pass urine, they’ll do some x-rays and probably do a tail amputation.  You know, when they said this I burst into tears, I was embarrassed,  there are people there who are putting down sick beloved animals and here I am crying over a tail – oh, but what a tail!   I hope he can wee  and I  still hope they can “save” the tail (even though I know they can’t) but you know, most of all, it’s made me realise what a part of our family he really is and that I don’t even have a photo of him and his tail to post :(.  Makes me want to go and take a hundred photos of the kids :)!  I’ll find out at lunch time what they think we should do so I think it will be a long week….