I am back to the Anastasia Socks which I have found without needles and I was going to blame Sophie for that but I have just recalled that when I knitted the second heel I did it completely different to the first one so I frogged it.  I’m finding them hard to pick up again as I haven’t used stitch markers to mark the beginning of the round and I know I did the pattern slightly different to the written one because I miscalculated the space between the pattern when I modified the number of stitches for my feet.  However, I am determined to finish them off over the next couple of weeks as I will be needing them before too long.  Please, please, please urge me to finish them!  If there is no “Anastasia Socks Completed” post in 2 weeks time remind me that I promised them!   Really, they are a perfect tennis watching project….I have been stitching on the collar of Erin’s Cardi – I’ll photograph it when it’s done for you all to constructively criticise – but it’s just too hot to have it sitting on my lap. I intend to finish it over the weekend when it’s cooler.