It’s official!  In less than 2 weeks we are packing up a 3 tonne truck and we are moving right along!  We are off on a new adventure and are going to live in “the country”.  I am very excited now, we are moving into a little (slightly run down) minors cottage next door to my in-laws!  Sophie and Sam are going to love it being right next door to Nona and Nono.

I know that our chooks do because they made the trip there last weekend.  The girls now have their own rooster – who has been giving them hell apparently – and so now Claire (who has been very clucky) may now have a brood….I hope so as Sophie would really enjoy chickens.  It does feel strange here without my chooks and my worms – I have been digging holes in the backyard for all the kitchen scraps as I cannot bear the thought of them going into land fill.

La Bella Casa, as I have decided to call our new residence, was Pete’s Parents original house when they first married.  I feel very lucky to be given the chance to have my children grow up so close to their Grandparents but it will only be for a short while.  We are hoping to find some land (around 100 acres) and build a sustainable house most likely from straw bales.  Pete has been busy playing with designs and we have been driving around the region over Christmas dreaming dreams.

So in less than two weeks Pete will pick up the truck and we’ll pack all our “stuff” into it and close the door on our lovely home, the first we lived in together, the first we lived in as a married couple and the home where both our babies first lived.  But, when we leave it it is just a house, we take our family and our home with us!

One ironic thing is that yesterday my sister moved out into her own apartment and it is the first time we have ever had the house to ourselves – we have always had at least one house mate – and now we are leaving it.  We have dreamed of having a “spare” room and now we have it for 13 days before we move to a 2 bedroom house!

Happy times – and there is still knitting being done between watching tennis and packing boxes…