Yes, I know, everyone bogs about this at some stage and I am sure I will many more times but here it is.  The Anastasia Socks are rocketing along and I can’t wait until they are over but the call to commence another project could not be denied.  It started with emptying the laundry where all Mum’s stash was hidden.  I couldn’t resist opening up the boxes and having a little dream about possibilities – that was ok, it was fun and it was just daydreaming.  Then, I went to the kids room to pack up the books on the shelves in there and a pattern book fell out – it literally fell out – and opened up on a page with Mum’s handwriting on it.  She made the pattern for me in 1979 and 1980!  Wow, she must have liked the pattern or I must have really looked cute in it!  Just quietly she was probably just reveling in the fact that she could finally knit in pink after having 3 boys.  So, there was Mum’s stash sitting in the “packed room” and here was a pattern that she loved…what else was I supposed to do, I had to start it!

I swatched and got 24 stitches to 4 inches, the pattern called for 26 1/2 stitches to 6 inches – I went down a needle size and figured it’d be ok…. I decided to knit it in the round to save on seams and I cast on, zoomed through the band and then finished off the first ball.  It kind of looks a bit big….like maybe it’d fit a 4-5 year old not a 1-2 year old… but I don’t care, I am just loving knitting it.  One give away is that the pattern calls for a 5ply to obtain gauge and I am using about an 8ply – how was I to know that “jasmin” was a type of wool Patons made in the distant past, I thought it was just the pattern book name! Even though I have noted all this I am going to keep knitting it to the underarms at which point I will shimmy it up Sophie’s little body and “test” it….we’ll see…

By the way, have you read this blog yet?