I firstly have to apologise as I put up the like to “The Growing Challenge” from Melinda’s site here and then never followed it up with a post so, from here on in I will follow the rules and post on Mondays about my Growing Challenges.  One exception will be next Monday as we are moving on Sunday and wont have the net connected…hope it wont take too long :).

I am not sure what I will be faced with at our new home but I am looking forward to having “space” to claim and nurture along with our family!  I have potted up my few strawberry plants, my 3 asparagas from my parents original garden, my lemon grass and I’ll probably try and pot up the thyme.  I am taking all of these with me – if I can keep them alive – and hope to plant them into their resting place early next week.  Our phone line is being installed on Tuesday and I am yet to work out which internet provider to go with so fingers crossed I will have a post with pictures for you Monday week!

If you are not already part of this challenge check out Melinda’s blog and jump on board!  I can’t stop dreaming about all the things I want to grow….my latest things is a small crop of wheat or oats (and I mean small, I just want to try it) and peanuts…

Jackie French is my gardening guru here in Australia so I will be following her blog a bit for tips and suggestions as well as reading all the participants of The Growing Challenge.