Well, we finally have internet! Yay! We still haven’t located the cords for the camera so no photos to show – I think they may be in Melbourne still so we might have them this weekend if a load of stuff gets delivered.

I haven’t done much gardening yet – my in-laws are keeping us well supplied with watermelons, rockmelons, peaches, nectarines, apples, figs, merlot grapes (Sophie and I LOVE to eat them), plums, zucchini and eggplant – but I’ve been doing some dreaming.  We are heading into Autumn here so today I went to the local Mitre10 and bought some seedlings – cos lettuce, some other lettuce and 2 varieties of cabbage – and some carrot and parsnip seeds. I have never really successfully grown either carrots or parsnips so I am declaring them a part of my growing challenge.

This week (ie before next Monday’s post) I am going to hoe up a bit of the vegie patch already in use at “La Bella Casa” and mix in some of the “stuff” from the chook pen floor and plant out the lettuce and cabbage. I am also going to plant out the carrot and parsnip seeds…after a bit of research.

I looked up Jackie French’s site and read her recommendations for planting so I am going to get some seed catalogues and follow a few of them up….I really want to grow my own mustard so that’s a priority…. I read about growing it in one of her books.

I think for me a part of the challenge is to use my money wisely with what I buy. I have decided to include all my vegetable gardening purchases in my grocery money for each week….hopefully over time I’ll have more money left over for growing more vegies as we eat more and more out of the garden!

A small aside – knitting is progressing slowly….show and tell when the camera is functioning again!