Not a great deal has been done in the garden past week.  I guess the most interesting thing to note is that when I planted the carrot seed I placed a board over the first 1/2 because that’s what my Dad always did.  I guess it was to keep the moisture level up and prevent a crust on the surface but I am not sure.  The carrots that were under the board have reared there lovely little heads and I am very excited!  The packet said 10 days til germination and they were up in 6 (well at least some  were anyway).  Now, to have done the experiment properly I should have put in 2 packets of the same type of carrots  but anyway I think I’ll use the board again for the next packet.  3 of the baby beet seeds have sprouted and I have only lost 1 lettuce so far so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I have been trying to keep track of how mush water I am using on the vegies and so far I have used about 40 litres including the “juice” from the worm farm.  I’m pretty happy with that but I have to add in the fact that last week we had about 33mm of heavy, ground soaking rainfall.

This week I am going to get some lettuce seed planted, more baby beets and do some seed catalogue reading on these Australian sites:

Diggers  who also have an organic selection here

 Heirloom Seeds

Greenpatch organic seeds 

Eden seeds

New Gippsland Seeds & Bulbs

Green harvest Organic Gardening Supplies