Some knitting at last!  There has been a little bit of knitting over the past few weeks although I find that not a lot gets done between Fregie Sack work, the babies and general living.  By the time they go to bed I am tired – often too tired to concentrate even on stocking or garter stitch – Sam wont go to sleep until about 10pm and gets up for a feed between 4am and 6am and then sleeps depending on the time of feed til about 730-8.  Sophie is going to bed at about 8pm and getting up at around 6-7…..we’re tired!

Anyway, some knitting progress…

The main thing I am working on is Sophie’s Jumper:

This is one of Mum’s old patterns that I picked out from the cover.  When I opened the book up to it I saw Mum’s tiny writing telling me that she made this pattern up for me in 1979 and 1980!  She used Bluebell and I am using Totem from her stash – she probably bought it in the 70’s.  The pictures don’t show the colour all that well, it’s a lovely light apple green and it will look great with all the pink clothes Sophie has been given/lent.

The pattern was to be knitted in front, back, arms and collar but, as I dislike sewing up knitted garments, I have knitted the body in the round.  I am almost up to the raglan shaping of the sleeves so I am hoping this jumper will be off the needles in a couple of weeks…

The second lot of knitting to show is my charity knitting.  I have knitted up a beanie and a pair of booties – these are my December and January projects.  You may remember that I was knitting an Aides jumper with the stash given to me by Trudi – I got this far though:

and ran out of yarn!  So, I frogged it and knitted up these instead.

I have enough left for another beanie so I will use that for my February project and them I will move on to some other yarn from the many boxes now living in the shed.

My third knitting show and tell is a couple of pretty boring but easy dish clothes.  I say boring as they are pretty boring to look at but they are great (and quick) to knit – just 5 plain, 5 pearl in a basket weave pattern.  I have been reading Rhonda Jean’s  blog a lot and have decided that I need more dish clothes….Next one will be the Mid February KAL .

My fourth bit of knitting to show is not something I have worked on recently other than to frog the sleeve I started many moons ago:

It’s the Jo Sharp Ribbed Wrap Jacket.  I have dug this out of a box somewhere after seeing it on Trudi’s blog and feeling inspired.  I am using the yarn and colour used in the pattern but, like Trudi, I still haven’t worked out what contrast colour I will use and I am kind of leaning towards using the same colour…..not sure, I will knit the sleeves and then decide.

So, that is what I have been doing in my spare time between babies, work and gardening!  This blog still has some knitting!

And some pictures of my babies:

See the belly button – so good after her operation! 
Looking slightly crazy – one of the last photos from Lallawoon…