I didn’t get time to do my Growing Challenge Post yesterday as we made our final dash to Melbourne for house stuff and the Sydney Road Festival where we had a Fregie Sack stall.

This week I have planted out some lettuce seeds – I am aiming for planting 6 plants a week for the whole year as I think this would satisfy our lettuce requirements – and some parsley and coriander seeds that I collected from my Melbourne garden. I also planted some mint roots and my poor raspberries that I ripped from the Melbourne garden. When we brought the plants back here we were too exhausted to unpack the box trailer so they sat there for a few days and withered away. When I finally remembered them I put them in a bucket of water for 24 hours in hope of reviving them. The mint developed a new shoot and the new canes on the raspberries seemed to inflate so I planted them out in my “row” of garden for the time being. I don’t think they are going to make it but I am still hopeful, the main canes are pretty dead and the new canes haven’t shown their heads yet (it’s only been about 3 days). I found this site on growing raspberries so I still have some hope but I may be looking for a source of canes for next season….and some new mint!