Not all that much is visible in my garden this week – well, not much different to previous posts anyway.   Initially I had a really good strike with my baby beets I had planted in a punnet but they seemed to be disappearing before they grew their second lot of leaves, today I found the culprit…. Sophie has been “gardening”.  This involved tipping out my newly sprouted lettuce seeds, the coriander seeds and one beetroot punnet and pulling out the slow growing beets….  I have now planted a small row of baby beet seeds directly into a raised row.  I soaked them for the 2 hours before planting as the packet recommended so I am hoping they will raise their pretty red and green heads soon….10-15 days anyway…

I have also ordered a huge list of seeds of which I will update next week when they have arrived.  It’s lovely gardening weather here at the moment with cool morning and evenings and warm/hot days….love it!

Happy Gardening!