When I was packing to go to the Sydney Road Festival a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t decide what to take. I wanted something compact, light and easy. I know most of you would say “socks” but I am not a good sock knitter, I am not an experienced sock knitter and I am not good at transporting knitting on 4 needles – i always seem to lose a few stitches off at least one needle. I decided to pull my finger out and knit Sam some nappy covers….well one for a start anyway. I have been using some cloth covered “plastics” that I was handed down (and which have served us well) and I have found that they are no way near as good as a good wool cover – the nappies seem wetter in the plastics and the top edge of Sam’s pants ALWAYS get wet in them (not so in wool!).

I have tried a few patterns and have mostly liked them but there has always been an element that hasn’t worked for us. Overall the Warm Heart Woolies have been the best but I find they are too narrow between the legs and lots of the nappy is exposed around the legs at the back.  I don’t like putting valcro on the covers as it catches on everything and so, I took a “standard” nappy cover that I was kindly gifted (and that works pretty well but once again doesn’t compare to the wool covers) and “copied” it in wool. This is what I got:

Of course my delightful model got diarrhea the moment I put it on him and leaked all down his legs…..oh well, just have to knit another couple now…  I think this size will last til he is out of nappies (if I don’t shrink them too much!).