At the end of last year I celebrated a “special” birthday. It passed rather quietly but not for want of trying.  My family organised a BBQ but it was thoroughly rained out – who’d have thought we’d have such rain and cold so close to Christmas! I did not miss out though, the actual day was lovely and I received a very special gift from my sister-in-law that is one of my most favourite things in our home. The fact that it was made with her own hands and lots of love just adds to it!

Initially unbeknown to me, my family organised another very special gift that didn’t arrive until the middle of January and I didn’t receive it until we moved to our “new” home. It was a very very exciting gift and one I will get a life time of use from…

How exciting is it to receive a parcel, especially a parcel from overseas! Especially, especially a parcel that says this:
And how exciting to open it and see this:

Even Sophie was excited about it even though she has know idea what it is…. a beautiful Strauch Petite Drum carder!  Thank you lovely family – how I love you all….

Oh and I mustn’t forget I received a lovely parcel from the Merkles before they went overseas – a massive block of chocolate and a subscription to Spin Off……yay!  Can’t wait for it to start getting to me!