There is not much of interest to show in respect to my knitting.  I am steadily – but slowly – working on the sleeves of the Jo Sharp Rib Cardigan and I have Sophie’s Jumper waiting to be sewn together so that I can pick up the collar.  I know it’s so little but I am aiming to knit 5 rows a day of the Jo Sharp project (up to the next increase in the sleeves) and I have worked out that I should be finished them in 10 days…. hopefully there will be more knitting than that and I will have the sleeves finished in a week.

I think I have decided to use the yarn the pattern recommends so I am going to have to do a mail order at some stage – no one sells Jo Sharp around here – and I figure that while I am waiting for the yarn I will sew up Sophie’s Jumper and do the collar….hmmm my plans never seem to run smoothly but if I write my intent it is more likely to make it to fruition!

Happy Crafting!