I have dedicated my “time off”* this morning to doing a bit of wool preparation.  I think I have posted before about being given a heap of fleeces from some very generous cousins of Pete’s – they are some sort of Downs….probably Southdowns from all guesses – they grow them for meat, and to keep the grass down on their spare blocks of land, and were really happy to find someone who could potentially use the fleeces each year (which means I am probably going to get 9 more in November).  As it happens the man who sheared their sheep has some coloured fleeces to give away too – I feel very lucky as they are coming my way – but there are already about 9 in the shed so there has to be some serious fibre preparation here!  From now on I am going to dedicate 1 day a week to doing a little bit of fibre play.  Today I am trying 2 different methods of washing the fleece.  The first method was just throwing it into a bucket with extremely hot water and some “Morning Fresh” and then doing the usual scouring and the second method was to flick the fibres and then put them into a Fregie Sack.

With these two samples I intend on dyeing them with food colouring….we’ll see how it goes… photos to follow next week…

*time off means that Sam slept for 45 minutes while Sophie followed her Nono around the garden collecting eggs and eating corn straight of the plant!