This week I have focused on “our” apple trees – we inherited quite a few with La Bella Casa and they were laden with fruit when we moved in. I have slowly been thinning out the fruit and the little apples are prefect size for my babies. They are very sweet and very yummy but we have a massive amount of coddling moth. I have done a tiny bit of research and found this site at Green Harvest and I have made a plan – of course having a plan can only work if those around you believe in it so I have a bit of convincing to do!

Step 1 – Find some suitable edging and make a nice wide garden under the apple trees.

Step 2 – Obtain some horse manure from friends close by who have just had a foal

Step 3 – Dig out chook pen and add to garden bed

Step 4 – Buy some lucerne or organic sugarcane mulch and mulch bed

Step 5 – Let bed mellow for a little while (as long as I can wait)

Step 6 – Plant plants that will attract wasps such as dill, coriander, mustard, buckwheat, alyssum, daikon, Queen Anne’s Lace, cosmos and parsnips (maybe buy a few packs of Good Bug Mix)

Step 7 – Let all these plants go to seed and look beautiful

Step 8 – look at physical barriers…

Step 9 – actually do it! 🙂

In the vegetable patch my cabbages and lettuce are coming along nicely (except the ones the chooks have “trimmed” for me – very kind of them!) and all of my seeds are up and developing their second leaves!  Photos next week…..