I find more and more that I realise how much I am my Mother’s Daughter!  Today, in my brief hour to myself, I am sitting with a cup of coffee, knitting in hand and watching/listening to Parliment!  Now I know all of you who have read The Crying Game are shaking your heads saying “this girl is mad, why isn’t she sleeping too?” but I just can’t.  I lie down and all these tings pop into my head like – I have to sweep up all those moths that got in last night when Pete left the bathroom light on or I really should vacuum and fold the nappies from yesterday, get todays washing in and fold it, iron some shirts for Pete because he works so hard and such long hours (he does his own ironing), I want to flick some more wool, I should clean out the bread tins now that the bread is out of the oven, I want to knit, I want to spin – I want to do all this and I only have an hour to myself!

Anyway, I chose something for me and I am sitting knitting Calorimetry which is meant to be for my darling, crazy, sprite of a niece who is 5 today.  Unfortunately for her I think I may keep this one – it’s the first I have knit and I am using some hand spun and it is just so lovely…..we’ll see…

Mum used to sit and knit and watch TV in the afternoons while the house looked like it had been blown up around her.  I realise now why and how she could do it.  Having 6 kids must have been such a mammoth task especially since I know we weren’t all magic sleepers!  Mum was a knitting machine, she was so good at it and I wish I had spent more time at her knee learning the amazing technique she had to produce such beautiful garments.  I wish she was still knitting and we could compare notes but I am happy that I have sat down (with a coffee for it felt like Mum was never without a coffee) and done something that makes me happy and makes me love and appreciate my Mum – she’s the best and I just hope that somewhere in her mind she knows it!  Love you Mum!