I have lots of posts to catch up on and I don’t really know where to start so I think I’ll show you the results of my wool processing to date. This is the bag of wool I have stated with:

and I have to say that there has not been much of a dint made yet! I washed the wool two different ways, 1 lot was pre flicked, put into a white Fregie Sack and then soaked in a bucket and the second lot was just soaked then flicked after drying.

Before and after washing

I ran the wool through the drum carder – and loved it – with Sophie’s help and came up with around 75g of wool batts.

Post drum carding

I now have about 7 of these batts – they are lovely and springy and I think I am intending to spin them woolen at this stage. I am trying to leave them be to take to the next spinning meet next month but I am pretty keen to get my hands on them! I would ideally like to have 100-200g ready for the spinning day but we’ll see how I go…. I am flicking out the next batch ready for washing but I want to get a big lot done at once as the carding goes so quickly and I really enjoy it!

I really should be doing the fibre for Henley Perfected but I never seem to get time to spin what I have done now that Sam is so mobile. He has a fascination with the Spinning Wheel and this morning he pulled it over on top of himself for the second time…. maybe he’ll be a spinner :)!

I have also been spinning little bits of the coloured fleece every now and then, the bobbins is slowly filling up…..slowly!