Another week has flown by and the garden is progressing. I decided to plant out some of the seedlings rather than pot them on as I don’t have any pots and I don’t really have very suitable soil for pots for now. I picked the larger seedlings with 4 or more leaves and planted them in the vegie patch and I have managed to keep them alive and looking healthy over the past 24 hours. The weather has cooled down a bit which is making gardening a little easier – the days are lovely and warm and the nights are cool.

A couple of weeks ago Pete buried my few parsnips that had sprouted and they are now lost so I dug up that section of my line and put in some Wong Bok – I’ll have to get another pack of parsnip seeds and try again now that the weather is not blisteringly hot. Some of the mustard, rocket, tatsoi and bok choy have been planted out and I have put milk cartons over some of them – I’d like to do more but we aren’t drinking the milk quick enough!

We are still eating lettuce from my garden, beans, capsicum, corn, silverbeet and chili from the in-laws garden. We are slowly slowly moving away from supermarket reliance – 1 plant at a time! I am doing caterpillar patrol every day and am constantly amazed at how big ones seem to keep popping up (the chooks love them). It has rained here over the past few days – actually we had a big storm that blew some windows in/out but we mostly stayed dry thanks to La Bella Casa!

The seedlings planted at the beginning of the Growing Challenge are going well:

I am not sure what I am going to do with all of the “extra” seedling I have grown as I don’t think many people around here would like them or use them if I pressed them onto them….I know at least 3 people in Melbourne who’d like some so I think I will do some punnets up when I go next….I don’t think we’d use 40 mustard plants…would we? What do you use mustard leaves in other than stir fry?