Autumn has truly arrived and it’s soooo cold after such hot hot weather!  In actual fact today has a minimum of 8 and maximum of 17 so it’s not that cold – tomorrows minimum will be 4….hmmm.  So cold weather has got me knitting and thinking, thinking and knitting.  This morning I have knitted up the collar of Sophie’s Jumper and now I just have to brave the jumble of boxes in the shed to find my crochet book to do the back and button loops and sew in the ends.  I am determined to finish it by the end of the week….should be doable!

Anyway, this cold weather has made me think of all the things we “need” so this is what I am thinking:

For Sophie:

2-3 knitted vests for over skivvys and other long sleeved tops

the Sophie Jumper

1 other jumper

1 cardigan

7 pairs of wool socks

2 pairs longies – with elastic waists so she can take them on and off

For Sam:

4 knitted vests (he still commando crawls so all his fronts get very very dirty – even when I wash the floor every day!)

4 pairs longies

? couple of pairs of knitted socks (wont leave them on at the moment)

For Pete:




?jumper of some sort


For me:

Ribbed Wrap Jacket

fingerless mitts


2 vests

7 pairs of socks

For the house:

single bed size blanket for Sophie’s new “big girl bed”

lap rugs for snuggling under during winter

So, that’s todays thinking but in reality I will be lucky to get 3 things from the whole list done!  It’s good to dream though and dreaming will help me achieve – of course, one answer to the solution of productivity is to spend less time on the computer!  If anyone has any favourite patterns to help me out please refer me on!

Happy knitting/spinning/creating/dreaming!