It is so crisp and cold here in the mornings now – what I thought was going to be a 4 degree low overnight was actually 1 degree – lovely!  How wonderful I am finding being back in the country – in a small town -today we walked down the street and got my watch fixed (it needed the latch tightened and a new battery and has been waiting for over 18 months), bought buttons for my latest WIPs, bought groceries and browsed the local second-hand book store – all in an hour!  Love it!

I found a book by Trudi Canavan that I am going to get for Pete’s nephew – I think he’ll love her writing – and I really like the store where I bought the buttons.  There are lots of WIPs going on here but I do a show and tell as they are completed…hehehe that means next year most likely!

Oh and I found a home for lots of my seedlings! Have a great weekend, go Cats!