So much seems to have happened since my Computer SOS post but then so little as well!  I now have my Macbook back and running so I am feeling a little more in control but, I have not had time to upload photos or write about much of consequence.  I feel very much like things are 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps back so that there are only small incremental changes in my life….slowly slowly.

On the knitting front:

Sophie’s Jumper is up to attaching the buttons

2 Calorimetry‘s are completed and ready to be gifted

Sam’s vest only needs the neck band and 1 sleeve band

1 sock for Pete is almost complete with only about 2 inches to go til I do the toe

ribbed wrap cardigan for me has not progressed at all

The reason most of this remains unfinished is that I have been working on a “test” knit for LilyGo .  It’s the Simple Cable Cardigan and I am really enjoying knitting it.  It keeps my interest as it progresses and being knit from the top down I know how it looks and it looks great!  I have about 8cm left on the body then I only have to pick up the sleeves and the front bands, sew on the buttons and photograph it.  I am really looking forward to wearing it and had hoped it would be finished for when we go to Melbourne this coming week but it wont be done til tomorrow week.  I highly recommend this pattern – I know I am test knitting it but it’s an unpaid service so I feel I can promote it without bias – it is fun and everyone comments on the lovely cabling  Lily has incorporated.

Having done one of Lily’s patterns I fully intend to try some more at a later date but for now I have enough to finish up and I am feeling inspired enough to unravel Wicked and have another go…….when I buy a ball winder that is!  🙂