Hi All

I just thought I’d write this up quickly to let you all know that some good friends of ours – my garden gurus in fact – have just put out their new catalogue of fruit trees that they grow and graft themselves.  Now is the time to get ready for Winter planting.

You may remember that they gifted me some apples when we lived in Melbourne – I am going back in Winter to dig them up and bring them to our new home!

This year they are selling a range of nut trees, citrus, kiwi fruit, gooseberries and currants as well as a wide range of their standard deciduous fruit tree offerings.  They are a small, family and home based business and rely on word of mouth referrals.  If you are a member of a permaculture group, gardening or seed savers club have a look at their catalogue and distribute it far and wide.  Also, if you think your local market is fantastic and you would like to see them there this winter let them know and they’ll see what they can arrange.

They are in the process of developing a website http://www.yalcafruittrees.com.au, but this is not up and running yet.   Note that they don’t send their trees over to WA due quaranten restrictons.  In the meantime, email them at camandtan[at]bigpond[dot]com[dot]au (replace the words in square brackets with appropriate symbol) and ask for the catalogue, it is great!  If you do request a catalogue, tell them where you heard about them so they know how far they are reaching!

Thanks, I hope you all go and buy a food producing plant!