I have been very remiss and I haven’t acknowledged a lovely and thoughtful gift I received a few weeks ago. I made a friend at my local SnB before we moved and even though we only met up less than a handful of times Pixen was thoughtful enough to send me a house warming gift! Mind you, she seems a very thoughtful person if you ask me so the gift shouldn’t have been such a surprise but it was and it was very very well received. I have put it aside in a cool place til spring when I will plant the seeds out.

Thank you so much Pixen your gift brightened our day and made us feel a warm friendly hug from afar. I know you have been going through similar parenting issues and I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness. I apologise for not posting this sooner and I am blaming the computer but I guess it stops with me – I know you know how it is with 2 under 2! Thanks, thanks, thanks!