I am not a photographer….sadly I am not even a budding amateur – I am hopeless at it and it is really holding back some of my posts. I really want to show you the Simple Cable Cardigan but my photos are pretty poor – I have taken about 100 (thanks to digital cameras!) and am not happy with any. How do you all get such great photos? I am still awaiting buttons and I can’t find what I want….I want square wooden ones…..7 of them….does anyone know an online source?

I want to show you Sophie’s Jumper but again I can’t seem to get a passable shot of the lace panels which are truly the most interesting part of the jumper (except when it’s on Sophie of course). I want to show you the Calorimetry I knitted for my niece but I still haven’t sent it to her (despite the fact that her mother – a mother of 3 under 4 has made and sent gifts for both my cherubs in the past 3 weeks AND the parcels have arrived one time!).

I want to show you my spinning – I am making an effort to spin a little every day and it’s amazing how it adds up. I am aiming to make a skein of 2ply sock yarn for the dyeing day at the Guild on the 1st. I have spun a skein of 250m 10WPI but it’s really not enough for adult socks – I may make it into socks for Ella to go with the Calorimetry that I am yet to send.

I want to take some WIP photos of my current project Picovoli as it looks so lovely and green (same yarn as the Simple Cable Cardigan).

What I will show you is one of the few photos of me with my babies. Pete took it on Mother’s Day when we were in Harrietville. We had a lovely lunch at the Snowline Hotel – I highly recommend it, especially if you are a skiier as they will be having some great specials over winter.

They have recently changed owners – I think there is a bit of a history with the old owners and the pub has been run down a lot and many of the local shy away – and it was amazing. We ordered 1 kids meal of chicken nuggets, chips and salad for the babes to share and they bought us 2 and only charged for 1. The 2 that they bought out were REAL chicken (as they should be) – part of the tenderloin and they were delicious! Pete had an amazing beef burger which was so fresh and tasty and I had a bowl of beer battered chips (had been sick all week and my tummy was feeling very very delicate). They gave us free drinks and when Sam knocked over Pete’s Coke they replaced it for free – it was great and we’ll be going back there again!

We had so much fun playing in the leaves…. Autumn how I love you!

Today is Sam’s birthday and we are going to a reunion…..I have made him a cake to take – a python and I am really proud of it….I WILL post some photos next week when Pete brings the cord home from work…. I find myself constantly pondering what we were doing this time 12 months ago….we were new parents all over again and it felt surreal….it kind of still does! Have a lovely day 🙂 !