I have finished the Simple Cable Cardigan by Lily Go and have loved it! The pattern was so easy to use and I made my modifications as Lily specified so it all went smoothly. I highly recommend this knit – it is top down which means NO sewing except for darning in the ends, you can try it on as you go ensuring a perfect fit and the cables and shaping add interest for me as I get a bit bored with long slabs of stocking stitch. I am yet to buy buttons for it but I am thinking wood squares if I can find them.

Pattern: Simple Cable Cardigan by Lily Go
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country – 8ply approx 800m – from Australian Country Spinners Mill
Needles: 3.75mm & 4mm circular needles to obtain gauge
Commenced: 8 April 2006
Completed: 5 May 2008

Notes: I needed to do an extra decrease on the sleeves to make them narrower (Lily suggests this in the pattern so it was easy to do) and I made the sleeves full length as I need the warmth around here! Very easy knit, fun to do and very quick. I think I should have made the waist cables start 1 inch lower as I have a long waist but I was anxious to get it completed – I am happy with it as it is but I think it would have been just right then… As always loved the fact that the only sewing was darning in the ends – really enjoy top down knitting and there will be more to come thanks to the Aussie Knitters Group on Ravelry!