I wrote about purchasing a Lunette Cup here and it’s now been a few months since I have been using it. I am now finding it great to use, very simple to insert and easy to clean although I would have to say it’s not for the faint hearted! If you are in touch with your body, use tampons, care about the environment and are not afraid of your own bodily fluids this is a great option but if not, stick to what you currently use or try reusable cloth pads. I am really really happy with the Lunette Cup however my husband has taken some time to come to terms with it….strange as he’s not the one using it! He calls it my “cup of life”…. hehehe.

I find on the initial days of my menstrual cycle the drainage holes can become a bit “clogged” so I have been using liners on these days “just in case”. I was feeling a bit like a fraud doing this as one of the reasons I wanted a menstrual cup was to eliminate the extra waste I was creating so I recently ordered some cloth pads from Blessed Earth. I am yet to use them but they feel super soft so next month I will use all reusable products! Here’s to Napoli and planet Earth!