I could be addicted!  A BIG thanks to Rhonda for her post here about soap making!  It is such an easy recipe, everything is in the local supermarket (I used Copha at Rhonda’s advice as I can’t get coconut oil here) and it really doesn’t take very long at all.

Here it is in it’s tray setting:

Tomorrow I will turn it out and cut it into blocks and “brand” it with the new “antique” Japanese (I think) branding tool I bought yeasterday.  I have no idea what the tool says – I hope it’s nothing nasty – but I like the look of the characters and the 1966 on it.  I just like the way it looks sitting on it’s little wooden tray.  I just like it!

I coloured the soap with tumeric as was a possible colour source suggested by Rhonda and next time I will try the cinnamon.  Next time….next time…next time… I can hardly wait but, as I am not sure how long this will last (and I think it will be a while) I am only going to buy the ingredients when they are on special…. it may be a long wait as I have never seen rice bran oil on special or caustic soda or copha for that matter but then again I have never really looked for them!

So far I am a very happy home maker.  More photos when I have turned it out, cut and branded it… hope the branding works!

By the way – I got the whole process done in 30 minutes so it’s a perfect project for when the babies are in bed (if they are ever in bed at the same time that is! 🙂 ).