Lisa tagged me for the Front door/back door thing which is really quite interesting if you read her blog.  She was worried about my sooking over taking photos but I don’t mind taking them of non-knitting things!  At first I thought that I wouldn’t do this post as I didn’t think there was really much of interest looking out my doors but I think I was wrong…. see what you think and let me know!

I have started the tour by looking out the back door as it is the door that is ALWAYS used to come and go:

Yep, that is my in-laws house…. not even a stone throw away (lucky they are pretty good – I do think that they think I am a bit strange but I like that!).  Our back door leads directly onto an undercover area which I can only assume was meant as a carport (Fran I know you will know the answer to this)?  In this photo you can see our tin dog – my friend Jill gave him to me many moons ago and I am quite attached to him.  Next to him, almost out of the photo is my Thai Chili – it’s great and has been going for years.

The next photo is looking at my back door:

It’s made of glass…. go figure!  It lets lots of light in which is a great thing but it gets so so cold here that it seems a bit silly.  This is always a messy area.  There are always shoes there (we don’t wear shoes inside), usually a bucket with some sort of vegies in it (the white bucket with the orange lid on the ground beside it), the green box with the play dough and painting pots (we love to paint) and my poor daphne which is really struggling.  Any suggestions on the daphne?   Maybe it needs repotting or moving to another position?  Do they mind -1 temperatures?  (suggestions on how to tidy this area up would be good too…)  Just out of the picture is our huge shoe box full of shoes that have been handed down/across/up and that are not good enough to wear but are too good to throw out.

This is the view from the end of the covered area/carport:

This is such a great view to me… I used to dislike the sheds but now I find them pleasing to my eye.  They symbolize productivity in times gone by, potential productivity and life.  The old tobacco kiln has really become an icon – they haven’t been used for curing tobacco for many years but they remain on many of the farms around here as a constant reminder of an industry lost.
Behind the sheds you can make out Mount Buffalo – it is so majestic, rugged and beautiful – I have a lovely view from my clothes line making hanging out washing a pleasure.

This is looking directly out our front door:

How amazing is the palm tree!  I asked my mother-in-law but she didn’t know how old it is or how it got there.  Apparently it has  “always been there”, I guess some time in the distant past someone planted it….but why a palm?  When my in-laws lived in this house they had flower beds either side of the path all they way to the front fence.  I’d love to do that too but who will have to look after it when we move?  How great would this front yard be planted out to vegies?  I could feed the whole clan!

These are the two garden beds along the front veranda.  They have a few dahlias from my mother-in-laws garden that I need to lift out.  I am not sure what to do with these beds, they face due west so they get blinding, burning hot sun all summer.  At the moment I have stuffed in bits and pieces from my old garden: my 3 surviving strawberry plants, lemon grass, some recently gifted purple sage pieces, rosemary, dead thyme that I just can’t pull out for hope that it may just strike, parsley, freesias,  Johnney  Jump-ups and alyssum.

Looking left you see my in-laws house but if you look right out the front door you see this:

This is the old tobacco paddock that is now sewn to lucerne.  One last photo because I find these trees amazing is the half picked persimmon tree:

We have a lovely view of the tree out the kitchen window and the kids love to see the birds come in and eat
the lovely orange fruit.  Such a beautiful tree both in leaf and naked!

I’d like to tag the following people because I like to read their blogs but I totally understand if you don’t want to participate!

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Sue, I’d love to tag you too but you are so busy knitting!  If you get time and want to play along!