I just thought I’d do a quick post on what cloth nappy items I take away with me when we travel.  I nearly always use cloth, there have been occasions where I have been given disposable nappies and I admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed using them.  I don’t expect anyone else to always use cloth but my personal opinion is that it would help minimise our impact on the planet but we all do what we have to just for me this is one of those “have to’s”.

Sophie, Sam and I went away for 5 days recently and while I was packing I thought about the fact that no one can tell you what to take when you travel with a baby in cloth.  Almost everyone has said to me that I should use disposable nappies when traveling and, as I am stubborn, this is the best way to get me to use cloth all the time.  So, here is what I take for 1 baby in cloth nappies (Sophie is completely toilet trained with the occasional accident when she’s too busy to go…):

1. Day Nappies – for 5 days I took 19 cloth nappies.  This was made up of 15  traditional flat fold terry toweling nappies prefolded (by me) with a liner inside and 4 fitted nappies ready to go also with liners inside.  I based this number on Sam using 6 nappies a day – he uses between 4 and 7 depending on what we are doing and how much he is drinking.  I decided on the flat folds as they are quick to wash and dry, can be folded very compactly if necessary and they act as good mops when you need them.  The fitted nappies are more absorbent, particularly as I boost them, and I usually try to put these on Sam when we will be in the car for longer trips so we don’t have to stop.

2.  Night Nappies – I prefer to use the Bum Genius Pocket nappies at night.  I stuff them with the insert they came with, a piece of microfibre folded up into thirds and a microfibre pad I made which has about 3 layers.  I find that this will keep Sam dry most of the time although if the top is folded down a bit or his singlet is tucked into the top of it he gets very very wet (he gets a bit smelly some mornings but nothing a warm washer can’t fix!).  They pull apart into pieces that wash and dry very quickly.  My other night option is the Baby Beehinds with the boosters they came with plus the microfibre boosters.  As these are not all-in-ones they need a cover.  I mostly go with a PUL (I think) type cover that look like conventional “plastics”.  A felted wool cover is the best but I don’t have any big enough at the moment.

3.  Wipes – I never seem to have enough wipes so I have added in some of my “toilet cloths”, being made from flannellette they are so soft.  I tend to carry the wipe around dry and wet them where ever I am nappy changing as I need them.  I have been caught out with this a couple of times but I almost always have drinking water with us so it’s easy to wet them anyway.  You could stick a small water bottle in the nappy bag or pre wet the wipes.

4.  Nappy covers – If you read my blog you know that I swear by wool nappy covers.  I like to have 4 covers with me just in case of exploding nappies.  I took 4 wool covers and the 2 “plastic” ones (these are easy to stuff in the nappy bag as just in case covers).

5.  Washers and Bibs – I always take some spare washers and bibs.  I keep a washer in an empty Huggies travel wipes container and try to remember to wet it before we leave for sticky fingers and faces.  Caution – if you forget you have wet the washer and leave it in the container for a week it really smells when you find it :).

6.  Nappy bag – I put 6 of my 19 nappies into the nappy bag with dry wipes, wet washer in container, bibs, spare undies for Sophie (she has her own special hand bag with extra pants etc), a container of sultanas, Desitin cream for nappy rash at teething time (which my nappy bag has been painted with), dry washer, extra snappies, spare nappy cover and sometimes I stick in some knitting too!  I put all the extra nappies and stuff listed into a great bag my cousin made us – they fit easily and the bag is great, I really really like it.

So, this is how I pack for 5 nights away (add on the nappy bucket):

I do wash used nappies when I get the opportunity but I can go at least 3 days with what I have packed.  I don’t take my own washing powder as I usually stay with family and the amount you use for nappies is so small anyway.

This is what I take away with us – if you cloth nappy do you take nappies away with you or use disposable?  What do you pack?