My friend Nat gave me a lovely and very thoughtful gift on Sunday at spinning and it made my heart sing and my hands itch:

Two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn!  I feel so very very lucky and I keep it on the kitchen table so I can touch and admire it all day long.  Lovely colours – just what I like – and she must have known that I crave this yarn but never buy it for myself.  In a few years time, when I have a job that brings in more than the bills, I will buy lots of this sort of stuff to use and to gift!

Thanks Nat – these will be the next pair of socks!

Nat also made a suggestion regarding my wool stash.  I have been toying with the idea of getting a large proportion of it processed as time is at a premium with 2 little ones and I have so much fleece sitting there wanting to be spun and a whole lot more heading my way in November.  I can’t really justify getting it done in terms of cost but Nat suggested that I get a load done and sell off as much as I need to to  pay for the processing…. would anyone be interested in buying slivers of processed wool?  It is some sort of cross breed  with Downs in it – great for socks and garments not too close to sensitive skin (in my opinion).  I thought I might sell some plain white and some hand dyed….any thoughts?  I think 2oz would be about $5-$6 plus postage and for dyed stuff it would be about $8-$9 for 2oz plus postage….maybe I should start a Etsy shop if I go ahead with this…