I saw this post over at Brooklyn Tweed yesterday morning and an idea popped into my head.  A yummy warm blanket knitted in bulky wool, soft snuggly, warm on cold nights and frosty mornings that begin at 5am (funny, 5am looks a lot like Sam…hmmm looking forward to outgrowing this stage) handspun by me.  This will be for me….what to knit it out of?  Thinking, thinking and suddenly the light goes on – that big bag of lovely soft coloured fleece.  Surely spinning bulky yarn wont take long?  It calls for 5-6 WPI and only 850 yards…. I don’t think my Traditional Ashford has a big enough orifice to accommodate a super bulky yarn so I’ll have to follow Jared’s lead and use two strands held together…. that means 1700 yards…

The questions are:

Can I do it?  Well, I have never spun a bulky yarn deliberately although most of my first attempts at spinning ended up this way.  I think I can.

Will I do it?  I have resolved that I will when I finished my current sock spinning project which is almost 1/2 way through.  I know that I will begin this project but it may become one of those long standing (or rather languishing) projects that I am always going to get onto or finished like Henley Perfected or Spinning with a Vision…..

Should I do it?  Of course I should.  Even if it never gets onto the sticks it will be a great way to practice spinning for a purpose, a great way to sue that lovely fleece and, IF I do get it done, a great way to keep warm and snuggly next Winter (I have no illusions that it will be done in time for this Winter!).  Therefore, ever the optimist, I should do it!