Yesterday Sophie and I made our semi-regular trip to the library and borrowed some more books. Sophie really enjoyed it and it made my heart race with anticipation and joy as she bounded in, threw the bean bag to the floor plonked into it and reached into the tub of books. I was even more excited when she started “reading” the book and making all the animal sounds… I am a proud Mum!

I picked up a few things I had put on hold, one of which was a book ‘Spin to Knit‘ by Shannon Okey. I read the book last night and really enjoyed it. It went through the basics of spinning and fibre preparation and then uses of spun yarn. Needless to say, I have been inspired some more and have spent a happy couple of hours with the drum carder and my fleece while the kids ran amok in the yard – they are both in need of a hot bath I think but Sam wont come in (he’s helping Dad with the external wall preparations) and Sophie has almost flaked it for the second time today!

I have prepared about 40g of white fleece into 3 batts on the drum carder to be spun into a fine single. I intend to ply the single with the blue one I am currently spinning and use it for another pair of socks. I don’t have a pattern in mind yet but I have so many projects bookmarked on Ravelry now that I am sure to find one pretty quickly!