I am not sure where the growing challenge is at for me, I really need to go back to the beginning and see what I wanted to achieve but I know that being a part of it has really propelled my gardening to a higher level. The garden needs a lot of TLC at the moment but I am giving it slowly, day by day, in 5-10 minute doses and a little more when life permits.

Today Sophie and I did some weeding, scarified between some of the rows, fed some of the plants with diluted worm juice and did some planting. I found a sprouting garlic bulb when I was preparing the slow cooked leg of lamb so we divided it up and planted it out covering each bulb with a milk container to a) provide a micro climate, b) identify where they are until the shoot nice and tall and c) to help protect from weed invasion and chooks while establishing. We also planted out some tiny Welsh bunching onion seedlings that we’ll cover with milk containers (for the same reasons) as we drink more milk. Sometimes I feel like I am just growing milk containers!

We are eating out of the garden pretty much every day – mustard leaves, bok choy, tatsoi, lettuce and rocket(all picked leaf by leaf), cabbages and carrots. Here are the photos of the garden at the moment: