My sister in law sent me a really cool gift the other day:

The coasters match the cushion she made for my birthday and the pot holder she sent as a house warming gift!  She is soooo thoughtful!  The last photo is of a few patches she made for my ailing favourite jeans and the red thread that is holding the coasters together is a match for some blanket stitch edging on the patches!  I’m ashamed to say that the patches still haven’t been sewn on but there is a lot going on a the moment….maybe next week or over the weekend when Pete is home…

I think she should open a Etsy shop and sell her wares online – she is so clever and really has the knack with colours and combinations!  I don’t know what is stopping her…could it be the 3 beautiful babe she has?

She puts me to shame really.  I still have a Calorimtery sitting here for her eldest and a Guardian Chemist booklet for the World Vision Ange l thing…. I WILL post them today!