We’ve been having some night nappy issues over the past few weeks and I am beginning to feel a little frustrated!  I have previously written about what we use at night here and it has always been fine but lately we are having leaks, falling off/coming undone and really really smelly!  I asked Lisa over at The Tin House what she does and it really reassured me!

I am reinvigorated in my efforts to find the “perfect” solution and I have ordered a Sandman night nappy to complement my night nappy supplies.  I am also intending to knit another wool cover like the last one but with 3 strands and leg bands for over night – I want to try and do 3 of these so one can be in use, 1 can be airing and 1 can be in the washing/drying process…..

Any thoughts on night nappies?  What do you use?