I have cast on another project, this time back to my charity knitting.  At the start of the year I said that I wanted to knit one item a month for charity (on average) and so far I have only managed to make 1 thing so I have cast on a scarf out of the Guardian Angel Knitting Book with some acrylic I think I was given by Trudi.  Once again I had dilemmas about what sort of yarn to use but the pattern calls for wool or acrylic and I figure it’s easily washed and I wont be using it for my family (yarn snob that I am coming to be) so it seems to be a good fit.  I am starting with the 2-4 year old size because that age group is currently close to my heart and it’s a quicker knit!

If you feel so inclined, pick up a brochure at your local Guardian Chemist or download some of the patterns online and knit an item for some children in need.